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Build Your Own Case - 12/2 oz Bottles

Build Your Own Case - 12/2 oz Bottles

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Energy - Beet

Our Beet brew combines our plant-powered base with a blend of organic juicy red beets, cinnamon, and hawthorn berries. This energizing infusion is a powerhouse packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, some of which have medicinal properties. 

Vitality - Chai 

Renew your vitality with the healing flavors of fall. Our Chai brew blends classic chai tea ingredients with our superfood base blend. 

Immune - Citrus

Increase your system's resiliency and boost your body's defenses with our Citrus brew. Fortified with our base blend, citrus fruits, astragalus, and rose hips, this brew is brimming with a variety of immune-boosting superfoods. 

Detox - Garden 

Behind on your veggies? We bottled the best of the super-greens for this potent plant-powered brew so you can get your greens on the go. Our Garden brew boosts our superfood base blend, with healthy heaps of organic kale, spinach, lime, horsetail, and spearmint.

Renewal - Hibiscus

Life is full of interruptions. Renew your past promises to live healthier by adding our Hibiscus brew to your routine. Each bottle is packed with our invigorating base blend, organic hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaf, pomegranate juice, and rose petals. 

Fortify - Unsweetened 

For the unapologetic purists. Our Unsweetened brew is fortified with the essentials to keep your systems fired up and moving smoothly. 

Packed with only organic highly nutritious, ingredients — this fiery tonic gets the job done without making excuses for its intensity. No pain, no gain! 

Made with our proprietary blend of turmeric, ginger, garlic, horseradish, onions, habanero peppers, citrus, apples, and rosemary.

Seasonal - Elderberry

Our Winter Brew is a rich, nourishing tonic of elderberry fruits and fresh sage (combined with our base brew of superfoods) that is meant to carry you into and through the winter season. Add our new seasonal brew: Elderberry Sage to your daily routine.

Sleep - Blueberry 

Take a pause and quiet your active mind. Our unique fusion of relaxing herbs and potent superfoods encourages restfulness and supports a strong constitution  

Calm - Pear

Balance your mood and relax your mind. We combine a healing base of raw ACV and hydrating superfoods with a fusion of soothing herbs to calm your system and cool down your adrenals. 

Uplift - Strawberry

Ease tightness in the chest and brighten your moodOur unique fusion of restorative herbs, superfoods, and raw ACV lifts a compromised spirit and nourishes the entire body.